A Work In Progress

A Work In Progress

 Folks, we’re a work in progress, making more thoughtful choices as we learn. People will draw their own values from our transparency, and label us ‘experts’ (or not) in the niche they consider us to be primarily seated within. The problem there is that we are not experts. We ARE a work in progress. We consider our personal choices more carefully. We encourage others to do the same through side by side journeys. We will share our products and ideas, and people should of course feel free to take or leave anything that does/doesn’t work for them, we just ask they take a moment for consideration— that’s all! We have committed to transparency on our journey, and that won’t change. We hope you’ll feel free to share your journey with us as well. Regardless of our individual takeaways, we can support each other as we walk toward the larger shared goal of defaulting to convenient or expected, and forge a more inclusive, considerate path together.

Live well. Do good.

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