Our Little Secret

Can I tell you a secret? We’re not an eco friendly company.


Wait, stay with me for a minute!! We are not an eco friendly company because those words mean NOTHING. All buzz, no bite. So what are we then? We are a company deeply committed to protecting and renewing our environment. We are a company that will choose materials and products that value and protect workers through every step of the process. We are a company that will show you how to live a more thoughtful life by sharing our own. We are a company that will grow and change as better information becomes available because we are humans, flawed and fallible, but always willing to listen and learn. So the million dollar question— why should you trust us? Because we will never tell you anything but the truth. Full transparency in every decision. Want to know more about our products, materials, thought processes? We encourage you to ask! Because transparency is what sets us apart from the rest, and we will never shrink from it or outgrow it. Let’s keep learning and growing together, friends.

Live well. Do good. 


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