Our goal is to empower people to think more critically about their lifestyle choices. Things like where our products are coming from, who’s making them, what’s in them, and what impact they will have on the environment.

Additionally, we hope to remake the way people think about livelihoods as part of a broader movement toward fulfilling, balanced lives. Call it old fashioned— call it European— whatever the label, our goal is to help individuals actualize a joy-filled, satisfied living that harnesses passion and skill, that centers human connection. 

Driven by the all too common notion that a person has to wait until their ‘real life’ is done, boxes checked, duties fulfilled, children raised, to slow down, breathe, and pursue passion projects, we hope to model, guide, and support individuals into a new way of thinking.

No longer satisfied by the dream deferred, our goal is to provide a framework and real-time support to anyone who sees value in pursuing passion and balance starting right now, today. Through our own trial by fire, as well as through the guidance of committed experts, we plan to support and empower communities by combatting the fear of the unknown that tethers so many to an unsatisfying daily grind. We will work tirelessly to remove the common boundaries to fulfilling self employment, fundraising and supporting through each step of the process. We will ensure that each budding business starts on solid environmental and ethical footing, allowing for growth without sacrificing our shared humanity.

When we say ‘Live Well. Do Good.’ what we mean is that making careful, thoughtful choices will bring fulfillment and joy to our own lives, as well as lifting up those around us, empowering those people to enjoy the same. Living truly well isn’t about haves and have nots, it it rooted in our shared human experience. Doing good is a natural result, and our goal here at Rusty&Ellie is to encourage more of one to engender more of the other. 

So go ahead-- tell us your dream, tell us your goal, tell us what's holding you back! We may not have all the answers, but we're thrilled to share what we're learning every day! 

Live well. Do good.

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