Big News!!

Big News!!

We did a thing. A really, REALLY big thing. Kind of on a whim. Again. Friends, you may remember these famous last words--- last time I said them, we dropped our whole suburban lives and moved cross country in search of a slower lifestyle. I never thought we could top that. But dang it, we did!

This past year has been challenging for so many, so I almost don't dare say we had an unexpectedly beautiful year, but the truth is, part of our journey all these past six years has been about embracing where we are, when we are, and making the best of things. In the spirit of that, last spring, we semi- abandoned our years long plans to launch a line of home products after our supply lines dried up due to Covid-19. It was in that same spirit that we pivoted, instead packing other people's home products into a subscription box designed to encourage people to think more carefully about the impacts of everyday purchases. That box has given us so many opportunities, not least of which has been getting to know dozens of small business owners chasing the opportunity to put their own special brand of beauty into the world. Early on, we had the pleasure of doing business with Candice and Adam of Ivory&Iron. Their products appeared in our debut box, and I contend, to this day, that those thoughtfully composed, simply packaged products are what inspired our loyal customers to go all in on our fledgling project. Over the course of the year, we took every opportunity we could get to tuck Ivory&Iron products into our boxes, and in the fall, we quietly launched a local refill shop featuring all the best their product line had to offer. It's a good year, right? Not too shabby for sure. So I'll be honest, I was content. I was ready to burst into 2021, boxes under one arm, refill shop under the other, and just charge forward.

What happened on New Year's Eve changed all that. I'm not one for resolutions, so the extent of my plans for 2021 included putting everything I had into our ongoing projects and keeping my fingers crossed that we'd be able to venture out into the wild again sometime soon. Anyone else feel like the universe uses them anytime it needs a chuckle?

Late that day, I got a message. Candice and Adam, on a whim, had decided to sell their stunning historic house in Connecticut and move to Europe, and wanted to know if we'd have any interest in buying their whole product line. You guys... I have no chill. I'm not cool. I own my dorkiness, so I have no shame when I say I fell off my chair. Right onto the hardwood. Tripped over the still unpacked case of amber refill bottles that I'd used to keep the puppy out of my office in my clumsy rush to find (my) Adam to discuss the incredible opportunity. Long story short--we took it.

We are the proud new owners of the Ivory&Iron line you all have purchased from us so loyally over the past nine months. The name of the line will change to The Essentials to better suit our Rusty&Ellie brand, but the products you know and love are exactly the same! To make them even easier for you all to get, we've added a build your own bundle option to our lineup, so you can get exactly the cleaning and personal care products you love on exactly your schedule. 

All that to say, 2021 is shaping up to be a scary, wild, exciting year for us. If you're reading this, you know we have a brand new website to accommodate our growing R&E family of brands. One thing that won't change-- our commitment to environmentally responsible, family safe products; the fair and respectful treatment of workers throughout the process; and the classic designs and thoughtful details you've come to expect from us.

Life sure has a way of bursting in when you're starting to get cozy, doesn't it? Ha!

In all seriousness, we are so humbled that Candice and Adam thought of us, and so beyond grateful that you've joined us on this crazy ride. We look forward to finding new ways to serve your thoughtful living journey as we continue our own, so feel free to tell us what you need! 

Live well. Do good.


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