Kitchen Soap

Our Kitchen Soap is a grease cutting workhorse! Formulated with organic coconut, castor, and sunflower oils,  as well as our signature organic essential oils, you get the benefit of rich lather and squeaky clean dishes without any hard to pronounce, questionable chemical additives. Plus, with organic glycerin and a touch of lactic acid, you get moisture and softness instead of dry cracked skin. That's a win in our books!

Free from phthalates, sulfates, parabens, palm oil and palm oil derived ingredients, 100% plant based, exclusive of water.

To use: Pump soap onto a wet dish brush, biodegradable sponge (we love a loofah kitchen sponge!), or dishcloth and wash dishes, reapplying as necessary. Alternatively, apply to a sink or dish tub filled with hot water. To reuse gray water, pour dish tub contents into a clean, gallon sized pump sprayer and use in the garden as needed to repel soft bodied pests!

Please note-- with a PH of ~8.2, this slightly alkaline soap is tough on kitchen grease, but won't strip your skin's natural oils like traditional dish soap.

Ingredients: distilled water, glycerin, saponified oils (organic coconut, organic castor, organic sunflower), lactic acid (derived from beets), organic essential oils

The essential oil in your product depends on the variety you have purchased. Products contain USDA organic sweet orange and cypress oils, grapefruit and rosemary oils, lemon and lavender oils, or lime and jasmine oils. Seasonal blends contain ONLY the oils listed in the variety, and are USDA organic unless specifically notated otherwise on this page. Current seasonal blend: neroli and ylang ylang oils.