Green Thumb

Let our Green Thumb be your green thumb! Formulated specifically with potted plants in mind, and reviewed by our favorite horticulturist for quality, this mix works hard to keep your green babies thriving.

Free from phthalates, sulfates, parabens, palm oil and palm oil derived ingredients.

With a PH of ~6.8 we aim for a neutral level for the majority of potted plants. Please note that we do not list or guarantee a specific NPK. While we aim to provide a low balance of macronutrients, the secret weapon in this product is a diverse blend of micronutrients that potted plants can often lack. If your particular plant variety requires more acidic or alkaline soil, or a very specific blend of macronutrients, please contact your local extension office or plant shop for guidance on additional supplements.

To use: Mix 1TBSP of Green Thumb into 16oz of water and mix. Pour into potted plants or apply as a foliar feed. Also safe for soaking air plants-- we recommend up to one hour per week. 

Please note-- To prevent mold and bacterial growth, we recommend that you do not store this product after you have added water.

Ingredients: distilled water, organic fair trade coffee, epsom salt, OMRI listed oyster shell powder, dry molasses, organic kelp meal, organic clove oil, (glycerine, citrus reticulata fruit extract, citrus aurantium amara fruit extract, citrus sinensis peel extract, ascorbic acid, citric acid, lactic aqua, water)^

^ broad spectrum preservative derived from citrus fruit, EcoCert and COSMOS certified